Back to the Future

Do you have any regrets? If you could go back in time would you have done things differently? I remember a show from the 80's called Fantasy Island. It was about this island that people could go to and relive certain parts of their lives as to see how things could have turned out had they made different decisions. Are you living the life you had hoped for? Are you the person you hoped to be?

I heard the pastor of my church say that "Your life in the future will be determined by how you live in the present." Will you be fat, thin, rich, poor, happy, sad? The way you are living right now will determine those answers in the future. That is why it is important to take a look at the choices and decisions you are making right now and determine if they are going to lead you to the future you hope for. Do your hopes for the future include sickness, pain, and poverty or the opposite?

I have written in the past about my made up acronym WIWT(Will I Regret This). For example, a high school student may ask themselves if they will regret not finishing and getting their diploma. The fact is that if you have to ask yourself whether you may regret something or not, it is a pretty good indicator that you may. I don't have to ask myself if I will regret working out or being friendly to others. My past regrets DON'T include eating right, spending time with my family, or striving to live a life of excellence, but my past regrets DO include not doing those things.

Take inventory of your life right now. The fact is that today is the future of yesterday. Is it all that you had hoped it would be?


Healthy Harvest

It is Spring time and you will notice that it is very hard to find a parking spot at Home Depot and Lowe's on the weekends. It is that time of year when people start cleaning up their yards and planting new flowers. What I find interesting is that you have to be willing to get your hands dirty, do some physical labor and plant those seeds before you will reap the harvest of beautiful flowers.

I am often ask by people I train,"When will I see results? When will I start losing weight? When will I get stronger or not feel so sore?" My answer is real simple. Your results will be a reflection of your commitment to your workouts and your diet. Strong, consistent workouts and a good, clean diet will lead you to those results you desire. Basically, you get what you give. It follows the biblical law of the seed. The more seed you sow, the more you will reap. If you only sow one small workout seed a week, you are going to reap a small fitness harvest. On the other hand, if you are sowing several workouts a week and eating healthy, portion-controlled meals, you will reap a bountiful harvest of good health. Again, it all comes down to the amount of seed you are sowing.

This law translates into every area of our lives. You will reap whatever you sow. If you sow seeds of laziness and bad food choices, you will reap an unhealthy body and lots of fat. If you sow seeds of time and love into your relationships, you will reap those same things back into your life.

I encourage you today to look at the harvest you are producing. If it is a good harvest, keep up the good work. If it is a bad harvest, simply change the seed that you are sowing. If you are wanting a more bountiful harvest all it takes is a little more seed and before you know it the flowers will bloom.


Artistic Functional Strength

This video is of Marco and Paulo Lorador, brothers from Germany who have been training for this since they were kids. It is a perfect representation of functional strength and balance. You will see pefect muscle-ups, hanstands, and L-sits. This is truly an incredible video.


The Girls

This is a short video of some of the girls. Our strength is improving as well as our technique and understanding of the movements and why we do them but most of all this video is about people coming in and giving us their best effort. Thanks for a great month. You should be proud of yourselves.