The Proof is in the Pudding

There is an unlimited number of workout programs and fitness routines to choose from.  I have always said that our training is something that everybody can do but not everybody is going to do it.  We train at high intensities for shorter periods of time.  We trade duration for intensity.  Our clients can vouch for us when I say that explaining what we do and its benefits is not as easy as it sounds.  Most people have a hard time believing that you can workout effectively and improve fitness levels in less than 20 minutes.  You really have to just experience it for yourself to understand it.

The proof is in the pudding though.  What proof?

I have been training my entire life and I would argue that I am in the overall best shape of my life right now.  I hardly ever perform max lifts yet when I finally do, I am lifting more weight, easier than I ever have.  I continue to improve on times and performances.  I have more confidence about attacking certain types of movements than I ever have before.  I recover faster.  I have less injuries including less aches and pains.  I can do things I never thought possible.  I'll take it a step further.  I can do things I couldn't at 18 years old or even as a college athlete.  I have had a couple of injuries in the last year from other activities than training and I recovered much faster and was strong enough to workout with them.  I find that formidable obstacles look more like fun challenges now.  I am tougher and have a higher pain tolerance.  That is how I judge the toughness of many things in life now by comparing them to the pain of a tough workout.  If I can survive 50 burpees in the middle of a workout, I can survive almost anything.  It helps me through tough days.  The day I started this blog was one of the tougher days I have faced this year.  I decided to get a workout in regardless of the time of night and the stress I was dealing with. When I was done, I had more clarity and a sense of calm and fulfillment that had been lacking the entire day.  This stuff works plain and simple. - Randy

I am not alone.  Here is what others have had to say:

Lost 8lbs, went down a jean size, not as embarrassed to wear shorts and I can do a few pull ups now. - Sarah R.

I have not gained weight, even with having a thyroid problem. I’m stronger. - Sherry T.
I already feel stronger after a few weeks and I am excited to get my butt out of bed at 4:45 in the morning! - Jamie
Even though I'm not young anymore,  I can do the things that I like to do like skiing and mountain biking better than I could 10 years ago. - Jeff

I can actually see some muscle definition and I got a good report on my last bone scan. - Ellie

I no longer have "skinny" jeans....all my jeans always fit!! - Sara

I think the one big thing for me is being able to carry heavy things without it being any problem :) My husbands dad has made several comments about my arms looking like "guns"! I feel stronger and can now actually see some abs :) -Miranda

My clothes fit better. I have never stuck with an exercise program this long. I now find myself doing things the hard way just to prove that I can do it. I got that confidence from this exercise program - Nate

The biggest change I have noticed in the short time I have been with Trinity Fitness, is my increased energy level! Along with that comes better concentration, better organizational skills, and more stamina to carry the day!! I love it!! - Roger

I've noticed that ever since working out I never get tired when everyone else does. Christmas decorations, trips, going up & down stairs, moving etc. It isn't just because I'm younger either! Before working out I would get tired with everyone else. It's a good feeling to be in the middle of something and everyone needs a break and I feel like I just begun! It's definitely something small but it's a good feeling at the same time. - Blake

My Dad died at 57, my brother at 50 and my sister at 45 - all with clogged arteries.  I am 57 and just had a heart scan...so after 2 years at Trinity Fitness, my report came back.  It said ZERO build up and compared with 57 year olds, there are ZERO percent that have ZERO.  Thank you God and Trinity Fitness.  Not bad for 2 workouts a week at 20 minutes each. - Doug

You can't argue with results.  We have years of recorded data to prove that this training works.  But what is even better than recorded data on a computer spread sheet is the proof found in the visual and non visual results of our clients.  There is a satisfaction and a confidence that develops when you discipline yourself physically that ends up affecting other aspects of your life.  You become better at more than just the physical but better at everything else as well.