B.S. Fitness and Human Performance
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I have been involved in fitness my entire life. I have had the opportunity to learn from the best. At the University of Houston, I trained under the guidance of Tom Tellez, one of the most decorated Olympic sprint coaches of all time. I also had the opportunity to run with and learn from track and field legend Carl Lewis and other members of the Santa Monica Track Club. I briefly ran for Texas A&M University as well. I graduated with a degree in Fitness and Human Performance from the University of Houston under the guidance of Dr. Eugene Coleman, Strength and Conditioning coach for the Houston Astros. I am married to my high school sweetheart and I am the father of three beautiful children. With the education and knowledge I have gained through many years of experience and great teachers, I will continue to seek God’s guidance and teach the importance of fitness and health; physically, mentally, and spiritually (1 Timothy 4:8).

I started training over 20 years ago while I was in college. After receiving my degree in Fitness and Human Performance, I continued to train while also teaching full-time. In 1999, I wrote a mission statement for a business I planned to one day open called Trinity Fitness. In 2003, Trinity Fitness became a reality. I trained for 6 years in a small, private studio where I trained with both free-weights and selectorized machines. In other words, I trained the way I was trained to train rather than the way I trained myself.

I had always trained very athletically and functionally. I have a great video that I shot in 1999 with a friend where we were doing what we called the "Obstacle Course" workout. In it we did push-ups, pull-ups, handstand push-ups, sit-ups and plyometric jumps all in one workout. I loved training this way but never even imagined training others the same way. That was until the summer of 2007 when I discovered CrossFit. CrossFit didn't necessarily teach me anything that I didn't already know about elite fitness but they did give me the confidence to start training others the same way I trained myself.  In addition to my college degree in fitness, I have been a certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

There are many trainers and facilities that train similar to myself. People have more than enough options and I think that we are slowly but surely turning the tide on becoming more healthy. I have done this my entire life and it is one of my greatest passions. I definitely practice what I preach and have every intention to continue doing what I have always done and that is to be healthy physically and spiritually. My goal with Trinity Fitness is to help others do the same.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

After working out for nearly 18 years the traditional way (weights then cardio), I had totally burned out.  I have had three kids and my body was definitely not the same.  I was getting older and knew I better find something I could do that wouldn't take too much time but still be extremely effective.  My kids weren't going to give me 45 minutes to weight train and then another 20 for cardio.  I would be lucky if I could get 15 minutes before they found me in the garage trying to workout.  My husband has always done a variety of workouts such as obstacle course workouts, interval training work outs mixed with weight training and his fitness level has always been outstanding.  I was finally wondering how and if I could do those kind of workouts.  Several years ago, he decided to have his clients do what he has always done, which is now known to many as CrossFit.  He has followed many of the same principles that CrossFit does for many years with out even knowing of CrossFit.  I had watched a few videos of CrossFit and started to become a little interested wondering how in the world those people did those workouts!!!  I decided to try a workout.  I was amazed that I made it through the whole workout although it was modified.  But I got a taste of how a short workout could be so very effective!  I did more workouts on my own for a while and then was really missing working out with other people.  I had always trained with my mom for many years and loved it!  I asked Randy if I could come in on one of his classes.  After that first class, I was hooked!  I loved having others to share the "sweat" with.  It was fun to be nervous together, to sweat and burn together.  That is one of the wonderful things that CrossFit develops, a community.  You are all there for the same reason; to get in better physical condition than you were before.  After many workouts with these other ladies, I slowly began to get stronger and started getting closer to their times.  The clock became my competition.  I wanted to be the first one done!  I had never been a competitive person until then.  The friendly competition that arrives is wonderful for your workout.  Having someone to push you a little further than you may push yourself is awesome!  CrossFit workouts are functional workouts that prepare you for anything!  Sure I want to look good, but I also want to run and play with my kids with out getting out of breath.  I want to be able to run up a couple flights of stairs without giving it a second thought.  CrossFit is fitness for your life!  Once you get a taste of what being strong is like, there is no going back!  You feel younger than you are, happier than you were and proud of yourself for pushing through a tough workout!  I CrossFit because I can!  There is nothing like it! 

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