Trinity Fitness is a private fitness gym designed to help people of all walks and ages find better health. We specifically look at health and fitness from a fitness point of view. It is our belief that better health starts by being fit not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well. Being fit enhances the quality of life and produces results ranging from a better physical appearance to a more discipline and satisfying lifestyle. We provide the facilities, training and counseling to help people attain the results they are working for.

We believe our type of training will ellicit the most benificial fitness results possible. We use functional movements. Don't be afraid of whether you can complete a push-up or pull-up. We scale each movement to fit each individual. Whether you are a business professional, housewife, student, or athlete, Trinity Fitness can accommodate you with the appropriate training. We also provide nutritional counseling that encourages “healthy yet realistic dietary choices.”

We normally train running classes on a monthly schedule. Usually it is 8 sessions per month, give or take a session depending upon the month. We charge $15 per session which would be $120 per month.

Training Schedule

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Me and Carl Lewis

Every individual was born with a distinct way of running and genetically gifted with a certain amount of speed. Regardless, speed can and will be improved with proper training. Practice will either lead to good or bad habits depending upon the instruction. Our goal is to help each athlete improve his or her speed by focusing on developing the correct technique specifically geared toward each individual. Training will revolve around improving proper running technique and mechanics. Along with proper running form, speed is improved through a combination of stride length and stride rate. A variety of different drills, exercises, and speed training methods will be used to improve overall speed and athletic performance. How can an athlete do the same training routines from two different trainers and get totally different results? The answer to this question is what we pride ourselves in. We look at running as a science. We pride ourselves on being technique specialist. Remember, practice does NOT make perfect unless that practice IS perfect. We will do our best to give the best training possible.

Initial Training and Evaluation = $50
Individual Training = $40 per session
Group of 2 = $35 per person per session
Group of 3 = $30 per person per session
Group of 5 - 9 = $20 per person per session
10 or more = $15 per person per session

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