Risky Business

If you have ever seen my car you will immediately notice that I am not a flashy guy.  I have a simple family car and I take care of it.  I keep it clean and I even change my own oil.  I keep the tires at appropriate levels and make sure to keep plenty of gas in it.  Better yet, I have been told that I drive like a 90 year old man.  What can I say, I have nothing to prove and I want it to last as long as possible.  But regardless of all the work I do to keep my car up and running, there are times when it simply breaks down.  Usually it is a simple fix like a new battery but breakdowns still occur.

The same can be said about our bodies.  Breakdowns are inevitable.  When you engage in any physical activity, there is a risk of injury.  Obviously many other factors will increase or decrease those risk but they are always there.  Whether it be playing football, running, snowboarding at the Winter X-Games or even walking down the street, there is a risk of injury.

Fitness and training are no different.  There is always a risk of injury.  Those risk increase or decrease depending upon several factors including age, warm-up, the activity, diet, rest and numerous others.  For example, I have noticed that as I age I require more warm-up time than I did in the past to prevent injury.  I have also noticed that I can deadlift 300 lbs with no problem and then tweak my lower back bending over to brush my teeth.  The human body is one of the most complex and incredible masterpieces in God's creation but we live in an imperfect world and our bodies are not perfect.  Like any machine, the body requires maintenance and will break down from time to time.

An article from the Crossfit Journal states: "Injuries are a reality in any sport, but for some reason they receive more attention in the weight room.  Given that sports such as basketball, hockey and soccer have far higher injury rates, it really makes no sense to overemphasize the so-called dangers of weight training."  The fact is that you don't see near the same frequency of injuries in the weight room as you do in other sports.  You would never keep your child from playing outside because it is too dangerous yet we avoid fitness programs that are statistically safer than normal recreational play.

Our training at Trinity Fitness is usually pretty fast and intense.  We engage in movements that require running, jumping, lifting from the ground and lifting overhead.  We push, pull, squat and move our bodies functionally.  There is always risk involved with any type of fitness training including ours but they certainly don't outweigh the benefits of the program.  We strive to prepare each person both in the warm-up and in preparation of the movements of each workout to reduce potential risks.  Perfect technique is the goal but not always the reality.  Another quote from the Crossfit Journal says "Perfect technique is to be strived for to be sure, but would you insist that a young athlete have perfect shooting or running technique before stepping on a basketball court, where he is more likely to be injured?"

The best part about being physically fit is that when injuries do occur, the recovery time is not near as extensive.  Sometimes it may just be a simple fix like a new battery and you will be up and running in no time.