My Fitness Journey Part 1

I think that you are probably born with it but I have been a passionate fitness and athletic enthusiast my whole life. It started with the greatest movie ever made, Rocky. My parents still laugh about seeing me outside shadow boxing at the age of three after seeing Rocky for the first time.

I first started competing in small races at the age of four. As soon as I started school, my annual schedule of sports included Baseball, Basketball, and Track and Field. I started playing Football in 3rd grade. I was blessed with speed which allowed me to excel in most sports. I loved the training aspect as much as the competing aspect of sports. I remember in forth grade listening to the Eye of the Tiger in my room and then going out and jogging down the street and doing a burpee at every other house I passed. I would then come home and lift those plastic, cement filled dumbbells and do push-ups. I remember thinking that they should invent something that allowed you to listen to music while you ran. The walkman came out about a year or two later.

I loved how it felt to feel strong and fast. The results were seen in the sports I was playing. Very little has changed to this day.