Slow as Christmas

As a kid, Christmas couldn't get here fast enough.  Now as an adult it comes and goes too fast.  That is why I have decided to enjoy the Christmas season rather than just Christmas day.  I have decided to enjoy the journey that leads to Christmas.  Christmas lasts for just 24 hours but the journey up to Christmas can last for weeks, even months for some. 

When I was a child, getting to Christmas day to open those presents under the tree was the goal.  I also remember it being bitter sweet when it was all over.  I would tear through my gifts in minutes and then the excitement and anticipation was gone.  I had nothing else to look forward to.  I was glad to have new gifts and toys to play with but the excitement was actually getting to Christmas day. I have more fun memories about the holidays leading up to Christmas than the actual gifts I received.  Once again, that is why I now want to focus on the journey.

I want to have that same attitude towards my fitness training.  Having a set goal is important but even more important, and more realistic towards actually achieving that goal, is to enjoy the journey that leads to the goal.  If you are not enjoying the journey, you may never reach the goal.  I have seen it time and time again.  People will set a weight loss goal or a fitness goal, usually a marathon and soon after reaching their goal they returned to the lifestyle they had before.  I have heard many people say while striving for and after reaching a weight loss goal that they couldn't wait to enjoy those foods they ate before the diet.  I heard them complain about how hard it was to stay disciplined.  The focus and the attitude was all wrong and led them back to the lifestyle they had before the goal.

Embrace the change.  Embrace the journey.  Embrace the new found discipline and healthier lifestyle.  Christmas will come and go but your fitness can last the whole year long.  It will be the gift that keeps on giving.