Mick Jagger was wrong!

Mick Jagger was wrong when he sang "I can't get no satisfaction."  Then again I guess that depends on what you consider to be satisfaction.  Working in a school, I am constantly bombarded with questionable food choices ranging from donuts in the morning to sugary deserts and fatty casseroles for lunch.  My colleagues love to poke fun at me for not indulging in the dozen or so pizza's they order for lunch once a month.  They like to eat in front of me and over exaggerate how wonderful and delicious whatever they are eating really is.  They then try to temp me to "just have a bite or two... how bad can it be."  It is like being around a bunch of peer pressuring teenagers.

I did notice something the other day while watching another teacher eat a piece of cheesecake.  I noticed that he spent between 5-10 seconds per bite.  He was done within a minute or two.  I immediately thought about the phrase of "a second on the lips a lifetime on the hips."  This same teacher loves to point out that although I may be healthier and live longer, he has had way more fun.  That is where I get the title to this post.  What brings you satisfaction.  Sure a piece of cheesecake would definitely be satisfying but for how long?  Is it as satisfying as the image a fit person sees in the mirror each morning?  It certainly wouldn't last as long.  Is it as satisfying as clothes that fit great?  Is that pizza and soda as satisfying as being able to climb stairs, go for a run, or play outside with the kids without feeling totally exhausted?

To each his own I guess.  I believe many people excuse themselves from any long term satisfaction with the temporary satisfaction that comes from a lack of discipline and overindulgence.  Again let me emphasise there is a difference between a small treat and overindulgence.  But make no mistake, satisfaction for some may come in the form of a six pack you drink while to others may come in the form of a six pack you see in the mirror each morning.