Trigger Happy

As I get older, I continue to understand myself a little bit better. I have a clearer view of what my strengths and weaknesses are. One of the beauties our fitness training is that we maximize those things we are good at but we also target and train our weaknesses. That is how we improve. Some of my weaknesses could also be considered strengths. It all depends on your perspective. One of those is that sometimes I have a tendency to be a little quick on the trigger. Other times, I am too apprehensive to pull the trigger. I tend to overthink things.  Again both can be considered a strength or a weakness. It is all relative to the circumstance. 
This thought all started with my son and I shooting a pellet gun at some targets. He had never shot a gun and was very slow on the trigger. So slow in fact that he would psyche himself out and never pull the trigger at all.  I kept asking him if he could see the target in which he said yes.  He simply was too scared to pull the trigger.  He was scared that he might flinch and miss the target.  I then put my hand over his and forced him to pull the trigger.  When it comes to shooting a gun, that is how I am.  Once I see the target, I don’t hesitate.  If only I could be that way in other areas of my life. 
Do you have the courage to pull the trigger? Pull the trigger on what you may ask. I guess that all depends on what the target is... what is at the end of your aim.  Many people are quick on the trigger when it comes to their words but how about their actions?  This is not something totally foreign to us either.  We see reminders all the time.

                “Actions speak louder than words.” “You will miss 100% of the shots you don't take.”

Taking action many times requires faith.  Faith is not just limited to spiritual beliefs.  It takes faith to drive your car down the road and trust that you will get home safely.  It takes faith to trust that your food was cooked right at your favorite restaurant.   It takes faith to trust that I really am not trying to kill you with every workout.
Ultimately, faith and actions must work together.   James 2:14-26 talks about it clearly. It says that faith without works is dead.  So in other words, actions are necessary to prove your faith.  Anyone can say that they want to get in shape but do they have the actions to prove it?  Do you have the nerve to pull the trigger on joining a class or getting a gym membership? 
One thing about shooting a gun is that it is either all or nothing.  There is no halfway.  So in other words, buying the new running shoes and yoga pants is only half the battle.  Actually using them for what they are made for is the other half.  James 1:6 talks about not wavering. Find your target, take aim and SHOOT. The longer you hesitate the less chance you will ever take the shot.  Once you get the target in sight, take aim and pull the trigger.  That is the first step towards hitting the bullseye!