New Logo Same Message

After years of debating, researching and waiting, we have finally found our new logo.  I orginally had the idea about 10 years ago but thought combining a cross(T) with an (F) might be too simple plus I wanted something that represented athleticism.  I used the Trinity Fitness runner logo for almost 10 years. 

Now a decade later, I am back to my original plan of a simple, recognizable logo that can stand alone but represent the foundation of Trinity Fitness perfectly.  It took some help from a friend and a graphic designer to finalize the logo we will now use.  What is interesting is that it was not my idea to turn the logo at a 45 degree angle.  But once I got the logo and thought and prayed about it, I realized that it is the perfect fit and representation of Trinity Fitness.

Luke 9:23 says that we are all to deny ourselves, take up our cross daily and follow Him.  During my early teenage years, I fought one of the toughest battles I would ever fight.  I was trying to determine who I was and what I was going to stand for.  I wanted to be the best Christian I could be and set my boundaries and moral standards.  Sounds a little too serious for a new teenager I know, and apparently most of my classmates must have thought so as well.  I definitely felt more alone during those years.  But that was all a part of the process I had to go through to become who I am today.

One thing I did do during those years, besides lean on my faith, was to also lean on my athletics and fitness.  I began working out regularly.  I never knew exactly what to do but I would always find something that made me sweat and the heart pound.  That is where I found my confidence to continue standing up for what I believed and to stick with the boundaries I had set.  I had learned to deny myself with those workouts and to let the training represent something more than just a leaner physique.  I had learned to have confidence and self respect in myself and for my faith.

My fitness helped me shoulder the cross for which I lived for.  So I don't consider it a coincidence that this logo fits so perfectly.  The (T) of Trinity represented as a cross is being held up by the (F) of Fitness.  We all have to carry different burdens in life but as we have learned through our training, the weight of those burdens can be a catalyst to strengthen us.  It will continue to be my prayer that Trinity Fitness will be a place that people can be strengthened physically so that they can shoulder their cross spiritually.

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